A very useful posting for early careeer researchers – anyone continuing in research postdoctorally.


One of the things that can count for or against you when bidding for research project money is track record.

All funders would like to give their money to someone who they are pretty confident can produce the goods. So all research councils and other big funders look to see whether you can demonstrate that you can handle the amount of money and the particular kind of research that you are applying for. Research Whisperer has recently written very helpfully about the ways in which Australian reviewers make decisions about track record, and this is pretty much the same the world over.

But what counts as track record really does depend on what kind and level of funding you are after; in other words, it’s dependent on career ‘stage’. Different things are expected depending on whether you are ‘early career’, ‘mid career’ or ‘mature’. And different countries do have different…

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